We met at a crossroads, converging together, to grow into who we are today. And today, we diverge into our separate paths.

the starting point

Join us as we reflect on the journey that led us to this crossroads. As we look back on our time at Anderson, you will see an array of talent, personalities + rhythms. On day one of design school, each one of us walked a path to arrive at the doorstep of Rainey. But after stepping through the threshold our journeys collided and became one.

Meet at the Center

As our journey's became one, we grew creatively, relationally, and professionally. We bonded together to develop a greater understanding of being a creative. We bounced around our ideas and developed a solid foundation. Our center became sturdy, developed over four years, and will allow each of us to part.

As we disperse

While one converges to meet in the center, one must also diverge to continue growth and creativitiy. As we walk back across the threshold of Rainey for the last time, we will remember the laughs, the late nights, the inside jokes, and the love we developed. While this might bring sadness to our eyes, we shall look onward towards the future set forth.

The Crossroads at Anderson

The converging point for us was Anderson University, located in the Upper State of South Carolina. The green and historic campus was our home for the past four years. Take a moment to learn more about our stomping ground.