Feature Book

A spotlight

This book, in tandem with the 2022 Senior Exhibition, serves as a celebration of our cohort and the work we’ve accomplished during our academic careers at Anderson. No amount of pictures or text could ever properly communicate the experience, growth, stress, joy, and maturity that we’ve acquired. However, we hope that our work can speak to the progress we’ve made, not only as artists, but as individual people, who are about to lead unique lives. 

By reading about their process and how they think, you’ll receive a look into the minds of each artist and designer. After all, no project is dreamed up in a vacuum. Every person is capable of creating unique art that speaks about them, their life, their views, and their experience. There is always inspiration and a process that comes with every project, and each person’s method of navigating this process looks a little different. 

You’ll also see some imagery of each artist’s work. We hope this can appropriately serve as a celebration of our work while complimenting their senior exhibition. 

And lastly, with great gratitude, we want to recognize our esteemed and phenomenal faculty in the Department of Art and Design, who have helped shape us into the young artists and designers we are now. Without these individuals pouring out their time and effort for us over the past four years, we wouldn’t be able to come close to the level of knowledge and confidence that we have now as we move onward to our future.