We did it,


About The show

Four years can change a lot, and it has.

With four years of friendship, connection, experience, and growth, we believe we can do anything – because we have, together.

We’re ready for more, are you?

The Cohorts

There is a principle once taught by the Bauhaus, a revolutionary school of art and design, that we now reflect in ourselves. All disciplines of art and design are connected, a sprawling plane of overlapping and crossing paths. These fields are as distinct as they are inseparable, unique in technique and skill but still growing together. Beginning from our first Foundations class, we are immersed in each of the majors and encouraged to take them with us throughout our time here and beyond.

Senior Feature book

This year we wanted to give the class of 2022 a token to remember this unforgettable experience. Designed to feature the work of this year’s 23 seniors, our gallery book showcases the years of creativity, hard work, and growth. As not everyone will be able to attend the show, we wanted everyone to experience this presentation, so we have loaded a digital copy of this gallery book.