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the maker

The Ceramics program reflects its medium in all of its stages. Clay starts simple, unformed, but overflowing with potential. We, as artists, all start in the same place, the same bare slab. This is a daunting task: to create something from nothing, and to give form and presence to an idea previously only drawn or imagined in a 2D plane.

This course forms us in the same way that we form it. We are given the techniques and the tools, but what we make is as unique in form and function as we are as artists.

These past four years have been an example to how, as individuals, we must take after the clay; to be flexible and malleable in all of life’s difficulties but also firm and solid in our foundation.

The South Carolina School of the Arts has left its impression on us, and taught us these differences. As we leave these brick and mortar walls, we go knowing that we have been holistically formed and will continue onward through the trials and beauties to come.

the artists

Newark, Delaware

Becca Tepen

"Great art inspires us to make great art."

- Proffesor Benson